2014 – Record Breaking Year for The British Film Industry

2014 – Record Breaking Year for The British Film Industry

Latest statistics present that 2014 has been an incredible and stellar year for the UK’s filming industry. The British Film Industry have published figures which show a total spend of £1.471 Billion on film production in the UK. That’s a massive 35% increase on the 2013 figure.

In 2014, international inward investment in films coming to the UK included “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awaken”, “Mission Impossible 5”, and “Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass”.

Domestic films which went into production across the UK included “Shaun the Sheep”, “Kill Your Friends”, “45 Years”, “Testament of Youth” and “Dad’s Army”. Major high-end TV productions included “Wolf Hall”, “Downton Abbey” and “24: Live Another Day”.

The Huge Success of Film “Paddington”

The massive success of the adorable film “Paddington” is another reason to celebrate as it was the highest grossing independent UK film of 2014 taking £34.07 million, and is continuing to pull in audiences this year.

After a death-dealing earthquake destroys his home in Peruvian rainforest, a young bear left darkest Peru and, after stowing away in a ship’s lifeboat and living on marmalade, arrived in London.

He was found on Paddington Station by Mr. and Mrs. Brown who took him home to live with them, naming him Paddington after the station where he was found.

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Nicole Kidman plays an evil taxidermist named Millicent who learns that Paddington is in London and wants to make him the masterpiece of her extensive collection. Kidman, thankfully, plays it relatively straight-forward. Her role is similar to the animated character of Captain DuBois in “Madagascar 3”.

This charming film lovingly recreates the Paddington books in all their glory. Fun, beautifully animated, and surprisingly funny for both children and adults. For sure, it follows the clichés that one would expect from a children’s movie but they are forgivable due to the excellent recreation of the marmalade-loving Paddington and the light-hearted and humorous performances from the cast.

The amount of money spent on local UK films also expanded, with £188m spent making films budgeted at £500,000 and above. Overall, 157.5 million tickets were sold, representing a 5% dip in attendances compared with 2013. Yet the BFI’s figures show an increased market share for UK independent films, thanks in part to the box office success of Paddington and The Inbetweeners 2.

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