24 Hours in Police Custody Locked up an Audience of 2M

24 Hours in Police Custody Locked up an Audience of 2M

Who needs fiction when fact is this enthralling? It’s the same set-up, with hidden cameras pointed at life-changing dramas, but the cop rendition and interview tactics gives an extra irresistible charm of crime.

The episode begins with the dawn arrest of a man on suspicion of surreptitious conspiracy to murder. The film documents the work of the lead detectives as they investigate and interview the suspect about his involvement in a plot to shoot a man.

While driving to work, the victim was hit from behind by another vehicle. His leg was shot by a close range sawn-off shotgun when he stepped out to inspect the damage which gave him life- threatening injuries.

The police believe the case arises from a potential love triangle that has spiralled out of control. Detectives have 24 hours to gather enough evidence to charge or release him.

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60 Cameras and 5 Crews made everything possible

This fascinating series gives us a glimpse of police officers at work and how they execute operation procedures. 60 remote-controlled cameras followed Bedfordshire police as they tried to gather enough evidence to charge the suspect, Baig. This captured the work of their officers in unprecedented detail – from the cells at Luton Police Station to the operational heart of major crime investigation and the police interrogation rooms.

Baig agreed to the screening of all the footage of his arrest and interrogation even though, following his trial earlier this year, he was acquitted. Audiences witnessed what looked like guilt and fear – the clenched jaw, the twitching knee and the twisted responses.

Each film follows a suspect and those looking after them at the station – solicitors, custody officers, detectives – from the moment of their arrest until the point, 24 hours later, when they must either be charged or released. A quick update at the end tells you the outcome of the trial, if it happened.

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