A Boom In the UK Creative Industry

A Boom In the UK Creative Industry

In an article published in the British Film Commission’s website, the Department for Culture Media and Sports was reported to have released figures highlighting a sustained increase in jobs generated by the creative industries – that it has actually surpassed the wider UK economy.

The BFI report cited 1.8 million people employed by the creative industries in 2014, which translates to 247,000 jobs generated by the industry alone.

UK’s thriving, robust high-budget TV and film production industry is a major component of the creative industry fueled by an extremely experienced pool of post-production teams and crewing staff, has attracted  major international producers from around the world.

The DCMS reports that 22 high-budget TV productions and 36 international film projects have chosen the UK as their base for operations, generating £1.4 billion into the local creative industry in 2014. Increased infrastructure growth within the country followed suit with this year’s opening of The Yorkshire Studios (Charles Fenton) and Pinewood Studio Wales.

A research study by Olsberg released some very encouraging findings early this year, which was supported by the British Film Council as well. The study reported the UK creative industry as having generated  a GVA of £3.7 billion and £852 million by high-end TV productions.

Chief Executive of Film London, including the BFC, Adrian Wooton stressed the importance of the creative industry of the UK, as pointed out by the study. Wooton also explained that  the study also proved that the UK is center for creativity for the whole world.

Will we be seeing him next season?
Will the Night’s King be rearing his frozen, horned head next season?

With major projects such as Star Wars: Rogue One from Lucasfilm and Game of Thrones Season 6 making use of the UK’s deep pool of expertise, the local creative industries show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Still on-location shooting, with a release date on December, 2016
Still on-location shooting, with a release date in December, 2016

As published here at Aimimage last March of this year, the UK film industry has had a great run and is expected to continue with a sustained vigor in 2015. With all the high-profile productions in progress this year, these are exciting times for the industry indeed.




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