The Abakus Stadium Lens for 180° Vision

The Abakus Stadium Lens for 180° Vision

The Abakus Stadium Lens is an award winning model that has the ability to cover the whole of a stadium in a single shot. The lenses are capable of doing this with minimal distortion due to their F-theta design. These lenses are fast and offer a huge arc of vision on a single, high quality, shot.

The Abakus Stadium lens has an angle of view which is greater than 180°, with the diagonal angle being a full 210°. When viewing a curved scene through these lenses the distortion is minimal, this makes them perfect for shoots at events such as sport stadiums, pop concerts, theme parks and races.

Abakus Stadium Lens 3.5mm

Why Use the Abakus Stadium Lens?

The Abakus Stadium lens is unique due to its arc of vision. Often, views of arenas or sports stadiums are taken from up high, to fit the entire shot in. This, however, means the roof often interferes with the overall shot. In contrast, the Abakus Stadium lens can be used at any level, to provide a shot of the stadium in its entirety.

Additionally, unlike most wide ‘fisheye’ lenses that distort an image and make everything at the centre look larger than the edges, the Abakus Stadiums F-theta lens creates a curvature from both ends which, when viewed on a flat screen, means very little noticeable curvature is observed.


Hiring the Abakus Stadium Lens from Aimimage

The Abakus Stadium lens is available to rent from Aimimage. This lens is best suited for sports arenas, theme parks and music venues, however, it is available to rent to anyone, and so you may want to experiment with it in a range of settings.

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