Aimimage Supplies Camera Kit for BBC Series, ‘Inside No. 9’

Aimimage Supplies Camera Kit for BBC Series, ‘Inside No. 9’

‘Inside No. 9’ returns for a third series on BBC Two.

Following the Christmas special in 2016, Inside No. 9 will be returning to the Beeb on the 21st of February. There will be 5 new episodes airing every Tuesday on BBC Two. A fourth season is also in the making and filming will start soon. It is scheduled to air next year. Until then, let’s enjoy season 3!


Inside No. 9

The series has been created by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, who also stars in every episode, which will also feature some top guest stars such as Philip Glenister or Fiona Shaw.

Inside No. 9 is like no other series, there is no ongoing story. Instead, it consists of one-offs. “By the end of the fourth series, we’ll have written 24 pilots,” says Shearsmith. The 29-minute program is gripping and full of twists that can take your breath away, it’s a show that needs to be watched with your full attention and sometimes the story’s twist is just about the last thirty seconds. For them, it’s all about the journey and not just what happens at the end.

It’s a brilliant show full of character, great stories, and surprising twists. It’s a series that you will need to watch for yourself to understand what it’s all about, but don’t blame us once you are hooked on it.


‘I loved Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton’s ‘Inside No 9.’ The way that they constrained each episode to a single location, then tasked themselves with including completely new characters every week, within a single half-hour’ – Tom Riley

Inside No. 9 & Aimimage

Another amazing project for the Aimimage team and what a pleasure it was to have supplied the kit to such a fantastic film production. For those of you wondering when and where it will be available to watch, it will be on every Tuesday at 10 pm on BBC2. You can also find the episodes on BBC iPlayer, shortly after they have been broadcasted.


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