Aimimage: 35 years in the heart of Camden

Aimimage: 35 years in the heart of Camden

“It must be Love…” Madness said in 1981, well I think they were right; after all, we have been here 35 years!

Camden has always oozed a blend of colourful personalities, an eclectic music scene, cool London pubs and conceptual art that spark a feel that only North London can.

Since we moved into our Camden space 35 years ago we have seen the area evolve and create some hugely talented global stars that we are proud to call residents of NW1.

At Aimimage we have had the pleasure of working with some of the UK’s most iconic music genius’ from the immortal sounds of R’n’B group Soul II Soul; an innovative blend of soul, reggae, R’n’B and hip-hop with the cool feel of late 80’s originality that has truly stood the test of time.

Aimimage: 35 years in the heart of Camden
Camden Town Underground Station

Our involvement in the filming of music videos that Soul II Soul become famous for was a chance for us to be creative, collaborative and really understand the requirements for filming this level of music video. It doesn’t end there though; we have been feeling nostalgic at Aimimage thinking about highlights that welcomed us into Camden over 3 and half decades ago. With artists like Madness and then the later solo Suggs, we provided the filming possibilities to help them create the distinctive style we know and associate them with today.

 It was these informative years in the early 80’s that really escalated Camden Town’s reputation for breeding highly complex, musical talent that exuded experimental creativity. And as the years went on the artistry continued with The Clash to Amy Winehouse. We have watched how these iconic musicians become part of Camden’s DNA.

Aimimage: 35 years in the heart of Camden
Camden Market, London

Also home to inspired filmmakers creating classics from Monty Python, Four Weddings and A Funeral to Batman and Villain, the bustling film industry has been no stranger to the area too.

Camden is the perfect location for our customers to acquire our equipment and take inspiration. We love being part of this creative hub. With bursts of energy from Camden Market, The Jazz Café, a walk down Regent’s Canal to the timeless feel of the Electric Ballroom.

Over the years we have seen and been involved in some of the most exciting collaborations, creations and artistic offerings that this North London gem has to offer.

Cultural variety emulates through the countless restaurants; the fact that the official Camden Website has local information in 91 different languages speaks volumes about the breadth of influence that forms this community.

We love being part of such a community, in fact we are constantly learning and developing from the abundance of inspiration we see on the way to work every morning!

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