Aimimage Co-Produces ‘Jet Trash’

Aimimage Co-Produces ‘Jet Trash’

Another exciting film release this year is the British crime-thriller called Jet Trash, co-written by Dan Brown and Simon Lewis. It was first shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival and will soon be released for general viewing. The movie is about two guys living a provocative lifestyle in Goa until their chilled lifestyle is threatened by an old enemy from the past.

The film also features a fantastic crew with many well-known faces. The main roles are played by Sofia Boutella, who is known as Gazelle from Kingsman: The Secret Service, and Robert Sheehan who played Nathan Young in the British TV Series Misfits. Jet Trash was directed by Charles Henri Belleville who has previously directed the film ‘The Inheritance’ which was nominated for the Best UK Feature Award in 2007.

We at Aim Image love working on different films, so it comes to no surprise that it was a pleasure working with such talented people and producing this amazing film in cooperation with ‘Bob & Co’ and ‘SUMS* Film and Media’.


If you are like us and cannot wait for the release date, head over to YouTube and watch the first trailer instead. We will, of course, keep you updated and announce the official release date once we know.


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