Aimimage & Dinard, The British Film Festival

Aimimage & Dinard, The British Film Festival

Since 1989 the Dinard British Film Festival has opened its door every year to honour original British productions in the french town of Dinard. It’s the most British of all French seaside resorts and has since become an international place of interest.


The Festival lasts for five days, from the 28th September until 02nd October, and showcases the movies in five different cinemas. It includes 6 competing films, 10 or so premieres, around 20 short films and a jury that consists of Claude Lelouch as the president, James D’Arcy, Victoria Bedos, Julie Ferrier, Eric Lagesse, Jalil Lespert, Sylvie Testud and Phil Davis. All of which are people in the film industry, either actors, producers or screenwriters.

This Year’s Nominees


Away from David Blair, is all about an unlikely friendship between two people. The story is set in north England and follows Joseph and Ria find better possibilities in life.

Moon Dogs by John Philip follows two stepbrothers on a road trip across Scotland. Both boys fall in love with the same girl, which ends up hurting the already strained relationship.


Sing Street by John Carney tells the story of a young boy growing up in Dublin during the 80s. He escapes the tense family life to start a band in hope to impress the girl of his dreams.

Prevenge from Alice Lowe is a horror but also funny film, in which a pregnant woman called Ruth is a serial killer.
Chubby Funny by Harry Michell is about an aspiring actor who considers himself to be talented. He moves to London for his breakthrough, but quickly realises it’s not easy to be fat and a little bit funny. We actually helped produce this film, so we’re rooting for its success – C’mon Chubby Funny!

This Beautiful Fantastic by Simon Aboud follows a young woman who wants to be a famous children’s author, but who had an unhappy childhood herself. She finds herself making a friend with an unlike character.

At Aimimage we’re very excited to have been part of the production for the film ‘Chubby Funny’ and can’t wait to see it at the Dinard Film Festival. Not only did we supply the kit to produce the film, but we also helped to direct and edit it. If you’re interested in learning more about the services we offer, from Kit Hire and crew provision to production, get in touch today.


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