Aimimage Helps Joan Collins Have “The Time of Her Life”

Aimimage Helps Joan Collins Have “The Time of Her Life”

The legendary Joan Collins who at the age of 83 isn’t even close to thinking of retiring, instead takes on one role after another and recently even bought out her own beauty range with Marks & Spencers. She is not only one of Britain’s most famous actresses, but has also made a name for herself as an author and columnist. She is an inspiration for so many and there is no stopping for her anytime soon. Recently, Aimimage helped Joan Collins in her adventures by supplying the camera kit for her upcoming film, The Time of Their Lives.


Early Life


Joan Collins started her career in the film industry at the very young age of 17 when she was signed by the J. Arthur Rank Film Company. Only a few years later she headed to Hollywood and gained a few sultry roles in popular films such as ‘The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing’. She then continued to make films both in the UK and US during the 60s/70s and even had a few guest roles in Television Shows such as Star Trek and Batman. In 1981 she was offered the role of the vengeful ex-wife of tycoon Blake Carrington in the second season of ‘Dynasty’. It’s even said that thanks to her, the show’s subsequent rise in the Nielsen ratings increased and overtook the show ‘Dallas’, making ‘Dynasty’ the number one show in the United States. She also won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in 1982 for the same show and received a Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1983 for her achievements in the film industry. As much of a power woman she is, she still managed to write several books in the 70s, whilst filming diverse films, and even published her first book Prime Time in 1988 which was a huge success for her. She carried on acting, writing and raising her three children after that and hardly left a year out without a new publication.


Joan Collins recently collaborated with Marks and Spencers and bought out her own Beauty Range. She is known for always having done her own makeup, after learning from the best makeup artists out there such as one of Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artists. She has mastered all new techniques from contouring to blending and knows exactly what suits her. Considering that she could easily get away with being around 50 years’ old, everyone must wonder what her secret is and during an interview with Marks and Spencers she reveals it: “I’ve kept my face out of the sun. When I was 21 and new to Hollywood, my face was the colour of this table – mahogany,” Joan recalls. “Then a friend pointed out how wrinkled the women around us looked and said: ‘Do you want to look like that?’ I said no”. Next to her beauty range, she has continued to take on several acting jobs and write columns for various magazines such as ‘The Spectator’.



Joan Collins has recently been filming a new film called ‘The Time of our Lives’, in which she plays a former Hollywood siren Helen, who is determined to gatecrash the funeral of her ex-lover in the French hideaway Ile-de-Re. She escaped her London retirement home with the help of a repressed English housewife called Priscilla (Pauline Collins), who is stuck in a failed marriage and both make their way to the funeral with limited resources. They not only ended up in a love triangle with a french millionaire but also found true friends in one another. She has not only this film coming out this year, but she also played a guest role in another film that has been released recently.

Joan Collins is a huge inspiration for many people and she has done endless of roles in the film industry, we are therefore very excited to say that we had rented out the kit that was used by James Aspinall to film it. It’s going to be a very exciting wait until we can finally watch it.


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