Aimimage is now a member of Albert

Aimimage is now a member of Albert

Aimimage is now a member of Albert

As a company Aimimage is known for its high-quality production equipment, such as cameras, lenses, and lighting. They have realised the importance of minimising the environmental impact of entertainment production by offering sustainable solutions and support for production fuelled by alternative energy. Albert, are pleased to welcome them to our family of suppliers willing to go the extra mile for green production and a better future for generations to come.

Powerful camera systems solutions

With offices in the vibrant area of King’s Cross, on St. Pancras Way, Aimimage will support production companies and independent initiatives to do it the “Albert way,” ensuring that the only impact their impressive productions have on the world is cultural.

Aim is ready to supply Albert members with camera systems solutions and services such as camera rental and crew hire. With over twenty-five years of experience in the business, Aimimage is a powerful contribution to Albert and its members worldwide.

Impressive credits archive

Our new member of Albert has an impressive archive of films and TV shows that have trusted their products and services over the years, spanning from blockbusters like Billy Elliot , Gladiator, Captain Phillips and Blade II, to much loved TV shows like Inside Man (BBC) and Bridgerton (Netflix). Aimimage has listed no less than 400 credits on their website, and on a fun note, they provided camera equipment for the exciting Sherlock productions in 2010 and 2012.

Albert members and staff look forward to collaborating with this highly experienced and reliable company, joining forces to increase the industry’s environmental sustainability. We are constantly learning from one another, sharing our experiences, and empowering one another to take focused and effective actions. Together, we are strong, and we are changing the future.

Free resources for you

Do you also want to join Albert and reduce your productions’ carbon footprint? Or speak to your audience about the environment and the changes that need to be made? Create a free Albert account to access free sustainable production online tools. We will help you to make a difference.

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