Aimimage Produced – Seven Stages

Aimimage Produced – Seven Stages

Primexchange’s co-production workshop recently celebrated its fifth anniversary in Goa, India with a strong line-up of projects–including Aimimage produced Seven Stages.


Seven Stages Film


And we’re pretty thrilled about it.

But, first, what is the Primexchange workshop, you ask?

Focused on project development, the PRIMEXCHANGE Co-Production Workshop is a comprehensive training program that offers a multi-dimensional analysis of the project’s potential in European and Indian markets, with practical implementation and advice for reaching these markets.

The PRIMEXCHANGE workshop is the first co-production forum for independent European and Indian producers aimed at initiating an exchange of ideas and providing practical guidance to foster cooperation between the two territories. It is the first independent training initiative worldwide focused on a unique and multidimensional evaluation of the international market potential of European and Indian film projects at an early stage of development. Experts from both territories, India and Europe, contribute to the process. 

Want more of an answer?  We will let Primexchange explain--their site boasts a wealth of information, including a great Q&A with Primehouse CEO Frank Stehling.



Time to reiterate how thrilled we were to have Seven Stages on their 2013 workshop project roster.  And so, it seems, was Primehouse, who offered particular congratulations to the film’s producer:

We would also like to congratulate producer Atif Ghani, whose project Seven Stages was selected for the workshop in collaboration with our partners Film London Production FInance Market.

Again, thrilled.  And to be chosen out of a crop of 50-plus applicants from both India and Europe made the honor even more remarkable. Consider us one proud member of a great, intimate team.  As far as that small team is concerned, there’s a lot to be proud of there, too–Ill Manors producer Atif Ghani has paired up once again with director Sadik Ahmed, an award winning director and cinematographer whose debut feature film, The Last Thakur, was a real breakthrough in 2008.



And, now, a little bit about Seven Stages–just enough to leave you wondering:


Tanju is an unusual 12-year old, he doesn’t believe in God. When his mother is killed crossing the road after prayers at the mosque, Tanju is in shock and wanders off; swallowed into the dangerous streets of Mirpur. He begins a journey through the Seven Stages of grief: Shock, Denial, Bargaining, Guilt, Anger, Depression and Acceptance.

Unable to deal with his loss, Tanju is deluded that his mother is still alive and that she will come back for him. In the God-fearing ghettos of Mirpur, Tanju is alone in his search for his mother until he is befriended by Murad, a child trafficking cop.



That’s all we’ll tell you for now!  (Although we won’t stop you from indulging in a few more synopsis spoiler if you like.)  And  keep your eyes peeled for news regarding Aimimage produced Seven Stages!


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