Aimimage Says Hi To The Arri Hi-5

Aimimage Says Hi To The Arri Hi-5

We now stock the Arri Hi-5, one of the most technical and high-quality camera systems on the market. As a fifth-generation intelligent hand unit, it is waterproof with a wireless camera and multi-axis lens control as well as possessing a range of other features such as swappable radio modules for different territories and an incredible radio link range.

The Arri Hi-5


Based on sophisticated software architecture, the Arri Hi-5 is super fast and has many different characteristics that make filming easy and effective in a range of situations and capable of tackling any frequency challenge on set.

One outstanding quality is its high-contrast touchscreen display which can be read in sunlight. Whereas its smart focus rings, several mounting points and NATO rail speed up the rate at which you film and capture images.

On occasions where you go from one scene to the next and shoot with different cameras, the Arri Hi-5 provides full camera control for ARRI and other third-party cameras.

What about access to lens files that are stored in your cloud? The ARRI ECS Sync App allows streamlined lens file management and software updates.

Furthermore, the settings and information in the Hi-5 can be sent to the ARRI Service using a log file for exportation.

Let’s not forget about the Hi-5 ability to withstand various weather conditions and locations. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting in the rain, desert or cold mountains, the Arri Hi-5 works to the best of its ability.

There are a multitude of new features on the Hi-5 and by using this camera system you can see a new experience of lens control.

Not to mention, it is very reliable and is a tool that can be used frequently for many years. The Arri Hi-5 has high-capacity batteries that allow you to film for extended periods and it is made from strong materials that prevent it from breaking in hot temperatures or heavy rain.

Finally, the Hi-5 is user friendly and fast to use with its customizable touchscreen user interface. Therefore, it is perfect for busy professionals who are filming often and need a quick transition between shots.

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