Aimimage supplies camera kit for ‘Black is the new Black’

Aimimage supplies camera kit for ‘Black is the new Black’

‘Exceptional figures from all walks of life share their thoughts on being black today’ 

BBC has always been known to be a channel filled with incredible documentaries and is also home to the amazing ‘Planet Earth’ series. Their latest documentary filmed by the very talented Simon Frederick showcases a selection of different individuals from various backgrounds who talk about their experiences of being black and British. ‘Black is the new Black’ is an honest, heartfelt and unfiltered series in which the individuals rely purely on their own experiences and views with contributors such as supermodel Naomi Campbell and musician Tinie Tempah.

The documentary; ‘Black is the new Black’

The four-part series has individuals from different industries, such as religion or culture and politics talk about their own experiences and thoughts. The first episode focuses on how the parents from contributors Naomi Campbell, Sir Trevor McDonald, Thandie Newton, musicians Jazzie B of Soul II Soul and Dizzee Rascal and footballer Les Ferdinand came to the UK and how they all grew up in Britain.

‘What they encountered was a whole raft of new experiences: heavy overcoats, smoking chimneys and outright racism, including appalling violence. The programme is a tribute to the dedication of immigrant parents who, with a mixture of pushiness, high expectations, love and firm discipline, helped their children to work hard at school and eventually overcome the challenges of being black in Britain – decades before multiculturalism.’ – BBC Website. 

BBC gave those people a voice to openly talk about their lives in today’s culture and to express their thoughts on how it is to be black and British.  

Aim Image & Black is the new Black

Another amazing project for the Aim Image team and what a pleasure it was to have supplied the kit to such a fantastic film production. For those of you wondering when and where it will be available to watch, you can find all four episodes on BBC iPlayer on which they are still available to watch for another 28 days.


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