Aimimage Supplies Kit For Channel 5’s 8 Days That Made Rome

Aimimage Supplies Kit For Channel 5’s 8 Days That Made Rome

Bettany Hughes, the award-winning historian, and broadcaster, has presented an eight-part landmark history of ancient Rome. Across the series, which was broadcast on Channel 5 in the UK between November and December 2017, eight crucial days that are believed to have defined the Roman Empire are explored to help us understand its remarkable success.

8 Days

We are incredibly proud at Aimimage to have supplied the camera kit used to film the series! So, if you have not already, catch up on the series here or check out the series IMDb page. Here’s a little more information on the series below:

8 Days That Made Rome 2

The eight days explored in the series include the battle of Zama, where Rome’s Hannibal defeated great rival Carthage. The day when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River, setting in motion a series of events which would ultimately culminate at the end of Rome’s Republic. Moreover, the day Constantine, close to death, was finally baptised as a Christian, making a declaration of the spiritual allegiance that had a profound importance for the Empire going forward.

8 Days That Made Rome 3

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