All About the Cine RT Ranger

All About the Cine RT Ranger

Think you’ve seen it all? Think again…

The Cine RT Ranger reimagines camera-mounted rangefinder systems, using cutting-edge technology to provide camera crew with innovative user modes and functions. 

The Cine RT Ranger is made up of four main components, all housed in CNC-machined aluminium. All components communicate on user selectable 2.4GHz low-power RH brands, offering an exceptional range of up to 800” (240m). Furthermore, proprietary protocol settings allow several Cine RT systems to work in close proximity, whilst avoiding crosstalk.

We take a look at each of the components in more detail below…

The Ultrasonic Base Sensor

The ultrasonic base sensor is low profile, operating as both a rangefinder and receiver for tracking. The base mounts easily on most cameras via several mounting block options, which allow a variety of industry-standard brackets to be used. The sensor offers control systems, sensor array, RF systems and targeting laser, all packaged up into a singular compact unit. 

The Handset Control Unit 

The Cine RT Ranger comes with a handset control unit, in the form of a touchscreen hub which is used to access live-view display modes, operational tools and settings. This handset means operators can make remote adjustments, without necessarily needing to be hands-on with the camera. 

The Cine RT Ranger’s handset also doubles up as a nifty tape measure, meaning up to eight marks can be quickly collected, without needing a tape or laser. 

The LED Display

The Cine RT Ranger’s display relays data with an ultra-bright LED display. There are five levels of brightness which allow clear visibility in a range of lighting conditions. Furthermore, operators have the option to chain several displays, to offer multiple readouts, or to use a couple of displays, to track separate targets simultaneously. 

The Bug Transmitter

The Cine RT Ranger’s focus bug transmitter weighs less than 20g. It can be easily hidden and it is capable of transmitting ultrasound through pretty much any fabric. The BUGs can be attached to assistants, stand-ins or actors, to deliver continuous information.

Looking to get your hands on the Cine RT Ranger? It is available to hire from Aimimage, our crew will be happy to talk you through this exciting piece of kit, and its benefits, so you can get the most from it. Just get in touch to find out more.

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