Cinefade VariND

Cinefade VariND

The Cinefade VariND is a high-quality piece of kit that is a more flexible alternative to traditional ND filters. This filter comes into its own when filming at dusk or during magic hour, and on two-camera setups. 

This tool is the first easy-to-use, remotely controlled variable ND filter, that offers multiple practical and creative opportunities. 

Features Of The Cinefade VariND

Cinefade VariND
Cinefade VariND 1

The Cinefade VariND offers a huge range of features, enabling you to make use of new creative applications. To name a few of these features…

  • Vary depth of field in one shot at constant exposure
  • Benefit from easy and fast set-up
  • Minimise trial time with easy operation

Remotely control the VariND whether it is on a crane or steadicam setup. The Cinefade VariND allows precise exposure adjustment, allowing dynamic exposure control. Interior-to-exterior transition shots are no issue with the Cinefade VariND, there’s no need to ride the iris or affect the depth of field. 

And, the cmotion cPro hand unit has four axes that the Cinefade VariND can be assigned to, allowing for remote control. Two buttons on the VariND itself allow for the ND value to be adjusted easily, without the need for an LCS.

Commonly Asked Questions

What compatibility does the Cinefade VariND offer?

The Cinefade VariND is compatible with all analogue film and digital cameras.

What lenses can I use with the Cinefade VariND?

The Cinefade VariND can be used with all cine-lenses as long as they have a manual geared aperture ring and accurate T-stop markings. 

What T-stop range does the Cinefade offer?

The Cinefade offers a maximum range of 5 T-stops.

Want To See For Yourself?

If you want to see what this nifty piece of kit is all about, rent the Cinefade VariND from Aimimage. If you have any questions about rental prices, just get in touch.

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