Designed and made by TVLogic, the Alphatron EVF-035W-3G features a gorgeous 960 x 640 display for DPs and camera operators to use with HDMI and HD-SDI that need a better performing viewfinder.

The brightness of the LED-backlit LCD is at 500 nit and with a 1000:1 contrast ratio. Equipped with a manual lens shutter  to protect the LCD, this viewfinder comes with a 6” D-tap cable and an adjustable diopter. The ALPHATRON EVF 035W 3G Connections would include mini-HDMI and SDI input and output, making this viewfinder fully compatible with a wide array of cameras including the NEX-FS100 and the NEX-FS700, the Sony PMW-F3, and a whole range of DSLR applications.

There is a USB port when a software upgrade is needed, and a phone jack to calibrate the viewfinder.

Looping out from SDI and HDMI then converting out from HDMI to SDI is also one of the most sought after features on productions that need additional on-set monitoring.

The HD-SDI input is also perfect for use with the Black Magic Design Cinema without having to use an intervening converter.

The Alphatron EVF has a number of adjustable features including Brightness, Color Temperature, Contrast, Sharpness, several scan modes, User Aspect Zoom, Markers, and Blue Gun. For professionals, there is the 3G Level A/B, Time Code, Audio Meter, Range Error, Luma y’ Zone Check, Focus Assist, and  Zebra.

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