The Aputure LS 600D Pro and the Aputure LS C300D MK II Land at Aimimage

The Aputure LS 600D Pro and the Aputure LS C300D MK II Land at Aimimage

The Aputure brand was founded in 2005 by a team of inspired filmmakers and videographers who were desperate to create high quality content but were struggling with the steep cost of the equipment needed to do so. They were determined to create professional-grade equipment at an affordable price, and they succeeded in this goal.

Below are two of the lights created by the Aputure brand with some detail about the exceptional features they both possess. If you want the chance to put either of these lights through their paces, then you are in luck. Both these models have just landed at Aimimage and are available for rental.

LS 600D Pro

The Aputure LS 600D Pro is the latest and brightest light in the Aputure Light storm product line, with every aspect of the LS 600D Pro being designed with professionals in mind. The light offers an incredible output and is arguably one of the brightest point source LEDs on the market. The product also benefits from weather-resistant fabrication, a huge variety pf power options and exceptional level lighting controls including Sidus Link, Art-net and wireless DMX.

The LS 600D Pro is equipped with its native Hyper-Reflector and is capable of an 8500-lux output at 3 meters. When further combined with the F10 Fresnel modifier the pair can reach an illuminance of 29,300 lux at 3 meters.

On top of its exceptional illuminating capabilities the LS 600D Pro is the first Light Storm fixture to feature a weather-resistant design. The unit makes use of waterproof fans, sealed internal structures, rubber caps for all ports and weatherproof connectors to ensure the light can withstand various weather conditions.


Following on from user feedback the C300D MK II is 20% brighter, more durable, more portable and more intelligent that the original 300D. It puts out an extra 20% more light than its predecessor. Additionally, when combined with the Fresnel 2X, the C300D MK II can produce up to 90,000 lux, which is approaching the luminance of a 575W HMI.

The light also comes with a range of useful features and revolutionary design components. The new yoke of the C300D MK II is capable of 360° rotation, and when it is combined with a handbrake locking mechanism it can be secured in any position with any modifier.

The control box is made of lightweight aluminium alloy featuring a built-in antenna as well as a military grade paracord strap. Most impressively, the complete redesign of the control box makes use of Aputure’s fan-less heatsink design, meaning the C300D MK II’s control box is now completely silent.


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