Arri Alexa Hire in London (for First-Timers and Old Pros)

Arri Alexa Hire in London (for First-Timers and Old Pros)

Looking for Arri Alexa hire in London?  Look no further.


Today we are taking cues from our mates at Camden Studio and singing the praises of all thing Arri Alexa, including the fine folks we believe to be the very best Arri Alexa hire in London.  (Hint: You’re looking at them.  Hint: Aimimage!)  But before we get into what makes Aimimage the best Arri Alexa hire in London, and in our humble opinion the whole of the UK, we’d like to talk Arri Alexa shop for first-timers.


If it’s your first time considering an Arri Alexa hire in London or in general, we’d like begin by guiding you the Arri Alexa camera simulator.


Arri Alexa Hire in London


This simulator should give you a decent sense of how the various Alexa cameras work, from the Arri Alexa XT to the Arri Alexa Plus, should you be unable to pop by Aimimage right this very second to test them out:

The ALEXA Camera Simulator is an interactive training tool to familiarize yourself with the menu navigation of the ALEXA, ALEXA Plus 4:3 and ALEXA Studio Digital Camera. The main user interfaces show an identical simulation of the current ALEXA with software version 7.0. Get started now by pointing your mouse (or fingers if you have a touchscreen) over the buttons below to control the Simulator; and learn first hand the simple, straightforward menu system that only ALEXA offers.

We must admit that our mates at Camden Studio beat us to the posting of that one.  If you’re not into the simulator and would rather be walked through the basics hands-free, again we must defer to Camden Studios brilliant video find of Gary Adcock’s walkthrough of the Arri Alexa.


That should give you a general sense of how the camera works.  As Gary pointed out: “Arri has thought of everything that a shooter might want to have.”  And, as a user in the comments added:  “This is what we expect from Arri– simple, intuitive.”  Aimimage could not agree more.


The Arri Alexa camera is, without a doubt, the cream of the filmmaking crop.  (Not for nothing, but Arri makes the professional cameras to use on Oscar-worthy films.)  As far as professional camera rental is concerned, you cannot best it.  Depending on your needs, you may find yourself torn between an Arri Alexa hire and, say, a Red EPIC hire.  But that’s a draw, because there is no “better” or “worse” there.  It’s all about your picture’s needs.  And that’s where we come in.  That, friends, is what we believe makes Aimimage the best Arri Alexa hire in London.  The best professional camera hire in London, full stop.  Of course, we have all the Arri Alexa selection a director and cinematographer could hope for.  (As well as supplying a wide range of of other professional cameras for hire, not to mention with PL/EF/B4 mounted lenses and lens hire systems.)  That’s to be expected.  What makes Aimimage special is our attention to detail, our attention to you.  Should you need it, our staff will offer advice in selecting the optimum video, grip, and lighting combinations for any production’s specific needs and, because every booking is unique, every booking is given unique treatment.  We are focused first and foremost on your needs, whether you can fully articulate them or not.


Never opted for an Arri Alexa hire in London before?

Worry not.  

Aimimage is here to guide you to the best Arri Alexa rental for your shoot.

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