Arri Alexa’s 2014 Off to a Great Start — This Year Will. Be. Big.

Arri Alexa’s 2014 Off to a Great Start — This Year Will. Be. Big.

The Arri Alexa‘s fame is justifiable, especially after its banging 2013, and 2014 is looking just as promising.


This is a hard-working, elegant digital camera.


This is an oft Oscar-nominated camera.




This is the Meryl Streep of digital cameras.


Although, as far as 2014 is concerned, it’s perhaps more apt to think of the Arri Alexa as the Angelina Jolie of digital cameras.


Talented, sleek, multi-dimensional, and a big draw at the theater:


Arri Alexa Maleficent


A hero among classic cameras:


 arri alexa captain america


But we’re skipping ahead of ourselves here.  We’re still talking about Meryl, about Oscar.  And Arri’s 2013, in the awards department, was unmatched by any other camera’s critical successes (and most glaringly over the generally beloved RED Epic).  One of our favorite article at the end of the previous awards season said it best:

Arri’s digital ALEXA and 35mm ARRIFLEX was used by nearly every single Cinematography, Directing, and Best Picture nominee. But the kicker here is not that these cameras were used by almost every nominee, but they were pretty much the only cameras used. Captain Phillips utilized a GoPro Hero3, The Grandmaster used the Phantom Flex, Her used a Canon C300, and The Wolf of Wall Street used a C500 — but each of those films also used an ARRI camera.  (And, uh — where’s RED?)

You make a good point, No Film School: last year’s best films may have used a select medley of other cameras, but no one forgot to include an ARRI camera in the mix.  And, as we said in the past, we actually think there’s good reason for this and it does not necessarily have to do with the caliber of the aforementioned non-Arri cameras.  Instead, it has to do, as it always must, with catering to the needs of a film–from look to budget to story-told.  (We promise this is now the last time we’ll bring up Oscar and Arri for the next 10 months.)

And, if the accolades weren’t enough, the Arri Alexa makes for big, big business–Gravity and the Wolf of Wall Street proved that day after day at the box office.  So when we say Arri and the Arri Alexa camera are embarking on another banner year in 2014, it’s not exactly news.  In fact, to quote a commenter in on Setlist’s Facebook: When does Arri ever have a bad year?


captain america poster arri alexa

maleficent poster arri alexa


Still, 2014 should give Arri a lot to brag about.  Disney+Angie’s Maleficent and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the newest installment and rumored best in the Avengers series, may very well end up creating some next-level success for Arri.  (If that is even possible.)   And, not for nothing, but Aimimage–lovers of smaller, less tentpoley films–cannot wait to see both of these behemoths.  That’s got to bode well, right?
We can’t wait to see what kinds of personal and professional records the Arri Alexa will break this year.

Should you be interested in breaking a few of your own personal and professional records with the help of the Arri Alexa, Aimimage is always here for your London camera hire needs.

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