ARRI FOLLOW FOCUS FF-4 Hire kit: Get it at Aimimage

ARRI FOLLOW FOCUS FF-4 Hire kit: Get it at Aimimage

Why get the ARRI Follow Focus FF-4 hire kit?

Industry standard, reliable, classic design – just a few words that aptly describes the ARRI Follow Focus FF-4 hire kit   If these are the qualities you need for your follow focus, look no further.

You can hire the highly dependable FF-4 from Aimimage at reasonable rates. Read on for more features about the FF-4.


The Arri Follow Focus hire kit from Aimimage is made of sleek, black metal and has always been lauded as a work of great design and trusted engineering. The FF4 never forgets the fact that it is a pulling focus for any type of production, but with the 19mm or 15mm rod adaptor option, the system can be moulded to fit various requirements accordingly.

Since its release, the FF-4 has fast become an industry workhorse and has been used in many production ventures; it gets the job done and does it well. No matter what the shooting conditions are, the FF-4 will help ensure the camera operator has complete control of the camera.

The ARRI follow focus hire kit features a 1:2 gear ratio, which allows compatibility with most lenses of different barrel sizes, along with 3 focusing knobs, a standard, and a hard stop. It can also work with 19mm and 15mm studio rods with the use of an adapter.

Cost-effective and very durable, it is fully compatible with a wide group of knob accessories and ARRI driver gears. Reversing gear set for Leica and Nikon lenses are available as well.

Ready to get the ARRI Follow Focus FF-4 hire kit?

To book the ARRI Follow Focus FF-4 hire kit for your next production or to talk through its features, please feel free to drop us a line at 020 7391 2650. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Aimimage carries a wide range of camera hire and camera equipment rental kits – from top shelf ARRI cameras to dollys, jibs, to sound equipment hire – if for any reason we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you.

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