Arri Signature Prime Lenses are now available at Aimimage

Arri Signature Prime Lenses are now available at Aimimage

Creativity begins with a great idea, good people and top-notch equipment. 

At Aimimage we are delighted to announce that we have the exceptional Arri Signature Prime Lens Set available for hire. We make it our mission to continue to stay on top of new, state of the art kit that can play a part in the creation of our clients work. With a growing demand for new ways of capturing, filming and creating we are pleased to stock a variety of cameras, lenses and equipment to suit a variety of needs.

Arri Signature Prime Lenses are absolutely one of the most exciting series of lenses to come into the market. The precision, focus, detail and robust nature of these lenses make it one of the best choices for the TV and film industry today. The series features the highest level of imagery development for capturing warming skin-tones utlising magnetic filtering, lightweight casing, precision engineering and beautiful aesthetics make this level of equipment timeless.

Arri Signature Prime Lenses are now available at Aimimage
Arri Signature Prime 21mm

This state-of-the-art full frame format  lens series is designed to produce emotionally engaging imagery by softening and texturing the format by employing a creamy finish through focal rearrangement. These full frame lenses are perfectly suited for shooting with a full frame, large format camera such as the Arri Mini LF and Sony Venice, both of which Aimimage provide.

With a comprehensive set of focal lengths ranging through 18,21,25,29,35,40,47,58,75,95,125 and 150mm, these imperial scale lenses give you the opportunity to produce a new level of high-quality photography while playing with focus, depth and light.

We’re pleased to announce that we can hire out this top of the line lens set which is the first cine lens series to feature machined magnesium lens barrels, making the optics incredibly lightweight and robust.

Arri Signature Prime Lenses are now available at Aimimage
Arri Signature Prime 95mm, 125mm and 150mm

Keeping up to date with new, improved technological equipment for filming and still photography is what we at Aimimage strive for. For over 30 years we have successfully been at the leading edge of providing the film industry with modern and complete options regardless of the size or duration of their project.

Being au fait with the latest cameras, techniques and products can be daunting, knowing how to use them effectively can be even harder. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of new products, and how to use them. In fact, our expert, professional team can work with you to provide you with best practise, practical techniques and advice to get you started.

If you have a project that you require film kit for, Click Here to get in touch with our client contact team who can provide you with a quote.

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