The Arriflex 416 Plus Available at Aimimage

The Arriflex 416 Plus Available at Aimimage

The Arriflex 416 Plus is a new lightweight, super 16 film camera that is routinely used for standard and high definition television productions, feature films, commercials and documentaries with gorgeous results. You can adjust its 35-style viewfinder and mirror shutter from 45 to 180 degrees. With its portable design and compatibility with the same lenses and accessories, you get a powerful and adaptable camera ever built.

Noise Reducing System

The 416 and 416 Plus have an amazingly low sound level similar to that of the ARRICAM. Its revolutionary sound reducing system diminishes film transport noise below 20 dB — quiet enough that you’ll wonder if it’s operating. The 416 cameras further increase this portability, while providing many of the features crews have come to expect of 35 mm cameras.

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Perfect for Television and Documentaries

The design includes a brand new 400-foot (120 m) shoulder film magazine that’s twice the size of the one incorporated into the ultra-compact Aaton A-Minima. All the bells and whistles like integrated timecode and PL-Mount lenses are accommodated, as well.

One of the reasons cinematographers and producers with demanding schedules choose to shoot Super 16 is the faster production pace afforded by smaller and lighter equipment. A Super 16 camera fits into any location, can be mounted to almost anything and can be quickly used on the shoulder.

Film: Black Swan

Black Swan (2010), is a psycho-drama anchored in the world of ballet. A fragile and repressed ballerina (Natalie Portman) struggles for the lead in Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake,” a role that will require her to play both the gentle white and the seductive black swans.
But in the process, she will have to shed her “sweet girl” persona and embrace her darker side to fully embrace the role and to please her demanding and sexually aggressive director.

Her metamorphosis is so complete, that Nina eventually develops webbed feet, bird-like legs and sprouts feathers and wings to actually become the black swan.

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Wild and woolly, the movie is a breath-taking head trip that hails from a long tradition of backstage melodramas: “42nd Street,” “A Star Is Born,” “All About Eve,” and, yes, that kitschy ’90s relic, “Showgirls.” It’s all or nothing with Black Swan. Either you embrace its headlong descent into madness brought on by the pressures of artistic perfection, compounded by smothering anxiety, or you reject it. It’s that simple.

As one of the major and best suppliers of film systems and services, we highly invest in the latest trends and technology in the film industry. Our Professional Camera Hire in the UK gives you the assurance of getting exceptional results.

We want to make sure that we provide our clients with the best results. No project is too big or small for us.

To book the Arriflex 416 Plus for your next production or to talk through its features, please feel free to drop us a line at 020 7391 2650. We are waiting to hear from you.

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