ASTRO WM-3014 HD 6″ MONITOR is available to hire at Aimimage.

ASTRO WM-3014 HD 6″ MONITOR is available to hire at Aimimage.

Astro Design’s WM-3014 HD 6” is a highly efficient, single waveform monitor loaded with multiple functions such as vector scoping, image confirmation and waveform monitoring. Demanding environmental conditions are not an issue when SDTV (625i and 525i) and HDTV formats are required as power to the monitor is supplied by camera batteries.

The WM-3014 is more than well-suited for signal monitoring during relay, inside the studio, and location sites. Picture mode will show a scalable marker identification feature along with adjustment functions for brightness, contrast, and chroma level including toggling it on and off.



This efficient professional TV camera equipment includes Vector scope mode features such as a colour bar scale (75%, 100%), IQ axis identification, a line select function and enlargement identification.Waveform mode features such as an overlay display, parade identification, line select function, and GAIN and MAG adjustment functions.

Enabling Status mode will show digital values depicting arbitrary line samples. Transitions from EAV to SAV are done via the Audio status identification button.

The Common function mode will enable input format and input overlap identification. There is also a Freeze function, and a CRCC error search feature along with audio input embedding and Tully signal identification.The WM-3014 draws power from 12V DC, and comes with a Canon connector and a battery mount.

Aimimage offers one of the most reliable camera equipment hire kits in London. We pride ourselves on a client centred approach and we always keep abreast of technological innovations in the industry so we can better serve our clients.

To book the ASTRO WM-3014 HD 6″ MONITOR for your next video production or to talk through its features, please feel free to call us at 020 7391 2650 today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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