Best Cameras of 2015

Best Cameras of 2015

If you’re still stumped about what to get someone as a gift for Christmas, maybe our list of the best cameras of 2015 can help you.

Cameras can be the perfect present to virtually anyone – a compact digital camera for your younger sibling or maybe your jet-setter-but-not-high-tech best friend, or maybe a nice DSLR for your husband who has recently taken photography as a hobby, or perhaps you’re looking for a present for yourself after a productive year. Whatever the case, a nice camera will surely make anyone happy when they open that box. However, you don’t want to just buy ANY camera. You want to make sure that its a high- quality model that offers great features. You will likely be the first model too, so you definitely want one that can take great quality shots.

Check out our list of the best cameras of 2015 for some great options to choose from.

The Best Cameras of 2015


best cameras of 2015

  • Canon EOS 750D – This new model provides consistent image quality from a 24 mp sensor. It is great to use in almost any condition, as it measures brightness at 7,560 points in the frame and uses 19 autofocus points, and can track and focus on a moving subject for a sharp image. It features built in WiFi, NFC and a great liveview mode. Its perfect for first time SLR owners, or for those who want to upgrade from their old one. PRICE: approx £570 – £620
  • Fujifilm X-T10 – This cheaper model in its range features the same retro design and hands on dials and switches, although there is no metal body and weather- proofing. It has a great design for its control system and while the video and the raw speed are not it’s best features, the image quality is awesome, almost like taking photos using cameras twice its price.  PRICE: approx £570 – £600
  • Sony Alpha A6000 – This is considered the predecessor of the famous NEX-6 and features an aluminium shell, a wide range of nice and chunky controls and dials, a 24 mp sensor, burst at 1fps, and extremely low noise at ISO 1600. It also offers one of the best video quality in its price range. PRICE: approx £500-650
  • Nikon D610 – This model is about the same camera as the one that Nikon released last year, minus the problems with the dirt on the sensor. There are a few minor changes such as faster continuous shooting of 6fps and a quiet continuous mode at 3fps. While most of the other features stayed the same, the image quality is divine, with bright colors that sizzle, yet subtly recreate skin tones perfectly. PRICE: approx £1,050-1,500
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 – This model continues to uphold the GH series’ reputation for great video quality, featuring support for 4K videos. Taking videos in Full HD produces twice the color resolution and allows for cropping without much loss in image quality. It is definitely the best camera for videos in its price and size category. And while the camera is not outstanding, it is impressive and the image quality is consistent. PRICE: approx £950-1,300

Bridge, Ultra Zoom and Compact

best cameras of 2015


  • Panasonic LX100 – This camera uses a sensor the same size as those used in Micro- Four Third CSCs, providing great light gathering features for pictures with comparable quality to those of a full from DSLR. There are also an entire range of well thought of physical controls with chunky dials, as well as two lens rings and a removable flash. It also supports 4K videos. While other compact cameras are smaller, this one has features and quality that can compete with CSCs and DSLRs. PRICE: approx £540-700
  • Canon G7 X – What’s pretty amazing about this camera is how considering it can fit into your jacket pocket, it still features a 1 in sensor and 4.2x zoom lens. These two features combined can capture the same light as an SLR or CSC with a standard kit lens. It features a touchscreen in the back and dials that allow for easy and full control of exposures and settings, as well as WiFi and NFC and offers great image quality. PRICE: approx £300-500
  • Sony WX350 – This camera offers a 20x zoom lens in a compact body that measures 26mm across. Perfect for the casual photographer, it also features WiF, NFC and a stylish all- black design. The image quality is impressive and incredibly sharp, and is a point and shoot camera that is worth the money. PRICE: approx £140-200
  • Nikon Coolpix S9900 – This model has a 30x zoom that allows for better photos of subjects that are at a distance. It has an articulated screen that lets taking selfies or photos over your head easy and has WiFi and GPS too. While the image quality is not exactly outstanding, it takes great photos even in low light and the end of its zoom range. PRICE: approx £200-280
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60 – This camera offers a 30x zoom lens, a lens ring control that allows for manual tweaking, and optimal image stabilisation for blur- free images. There is built in WiFi and NFC, and great video quality in Full HD. PRICE: approx £220-340

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