Big Issue Magazine Founder to Attend Special Screening of “Hector”

Big Issue Magazine Founder to Attend Special Screening of “Hector”

John Bird, the founder of the Big Issue is scheduled to attend a special showing of Hector, Peter Mullan’s touching new film about a homeless man who takes an unexpected break from his annual Christmas pilgrimage to a shelter to search for his family.

Will Hector find his family in the unforgiving coldness of winter? 

Bird, a well-known campaigner for Britain’s homeless, has been recently elected to the House of Lords as part of a four-person group free from party affiliations along with academic luminaries and engineers Julia King, Robert Mair, and Mary Watkins.

Bird founded the Big Issue magazine to provide a way for homeless people to create an income for themselves. He aims to introduce fresh ideas into policy making with his election to the House of Lords.

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In a one-on-one interview with The Guardian, Bird stressed:

“Mine will be a voice of the legislative process for the thousands of people the Big Issue has helped over the past 24 years and continues to help today through our policy of social entreprenuerialism and self-help.”

Watch the heart-warming story of Hector and his journey into his past when it is officially released on December 11th. In the meantime, enjoy this latest promo trailer.










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