Blackmagic Micro Cinema vs GoPro | Aimimage Limited

Blackmagic Micro Cinema vs GoPro | Aimimage Limited

If you are browsing for a compact, sturdy, action camera, then you will probably have heard a fair bit about the Blackmagic and the GoPro. But, how do you narrow it down? We can help you decide.


GoPro is a tiny camera for action enthusiasts. You will often see happy holiday makers and travellers whipping out their GoPro at every photo opportunity. But, before you rely on the GoPro as your only travel camera, here are the pros and cons.

  • They’re rugged: They are built to go places that other cameras have no place being in. Sand and water are no problem for the humble GoPro. They will handle storms and surfs without even breaking a sweat.
  • They’re tiny: Like, really tiny. They will easily fit in your pocket so there will be no need to exceed your luggage allowance to make room for your camera. 
  • Point and shoot: They are extremely easy to use. Although the automatic settings aren’t perfect for every occasion, they work surprisingly well across a wide spectrum of shooting scenarios. 
  • Battery Life: The battery life is a big downfall. You will have to manage the battery life well, in ideal conditions you may get a few hours but more often than not you won’t be able to rely on the GoPro for a full day of adventuring. So, you need to pick your shots carefully.
  • Responsiveness; The GoPro shutter is slightly spongy, to avoid accidental shots, but this means that it can push back when you push it. Which therefore means the shutter isn’t as precise as other cameras. 

Blackmagic Micro


Whilst the GoPro is a tiny camera for action enthusiasts the Blackmagic aims to lure in professionals. With their Micro Cinema Camera, Blackmagic has created the world’s smallest, digital film camera, designed specifically for action shots. 

  • Shooting quality: The Blackmagic features a Super 16 sensor and can shoot full HD 1080p using CinemaDNG RAW or Apple ProRes compressions. With those specs there is no doubt that it is one impressive device, in one tiny package. 
  • Interchangeable lenses: The Blackmagic allows interchangeable lenses from various four-thirds mounts. This can include high-quality lenses produced from a variety of manufacturers. Micro four-thirds cameras have been blessed with some amazing lenses, and these lenses can be used on the Micro Cinema, assuming you have the right adapter. This means you have real flexibility for framing images and controlling depth of field.
  • It’s a bit more fragile: The GoPro is an action camera first and foremost, but the Blackmagic is a bit more sensitive. Whilst it can take a bit of abuse, it’s not as tough as the GoPro, you might not want to submerge it 20 meters, or strap it to your mountain bike. Basically, don’t treat it like a GoPro. If high quality is more important to you than high action, go with the Blackmagic.
  • The price: the Blackmagic comes with a professional level price tag, upwards of £1000. After paying this hefty sum you will also find yourself investing in lenses, controls, mounts and accessories. So, it’s not the most feasible choice for everyone.

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