Broadchurch and aimimage have previously met ‘face-to-lens’

Broadchurch and aimimage have previously met ‘face-to-lens’

Broadchurch previously rented cameras from aimimage

Broadchurch, the crime drama that has been gripping the nation since it was first aired on March 4th 2013.

The show is well into its third series on ITV, and we’re remembering the time when David Tennant first came face-to-lens with one of aimimage’s cameras…

The sheer brilliance of the writing, paired with the incredible production has made Broadchurch the most successful and talked about crime drama of our time.

Viewers and production professionals alike just can’t seem to get enough of this whodunnit!


David Tennant, playing the role of Alec Hardy, and Olivia Colman, appearing as Ellie Miller, make up our favourite on-screen detective duo, ever.

The chemistry between them is unmatchable – so it’s no surprise that they’ve been brought back to film again and again…

David and Olivia are joined by Jodie Whitaker, Andrew Buchan and Arthur Davril (also long-time favourites).

Julie Hesmondhalgh, Lenny Henry, Charlie Higson and Sarah Parish are among the relatively newly cast list.


Although we are already three series in, we’re still no closer to finding out who actually committed the serious sexual assault which has dominated the conversation of serial-Goggleboxers across the land.

This series in particular seems to be casting the suspect net wider than ever before!

So, to tide you over until next Monday’s show, we’ve been scouring the net and tabloids for some juicy gossip to share with you, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed…


Broadchurch returns on Monday 3rd April at 9PM on ITV (in the UK) or 10PM on TV3 (in Ireland).


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