Building a Film Company From Scratch

Building a Film Company From Scratch

Building a film company nowadays is easier, what with all the technology all around us and the nice incentives available to people who plan to make movies.

With a cellphone on hand, start building a film company of your own, play around with some filming apps, grab your friends and head to the park or bar even and start filming. You’ll get the hang of it after several tries, and remember, a lot of great filmmakers started out that way.

When you start getting used to capturing videos and having real enjoyment out of it, pause for a bit. Know why you want to this. Are you doing this to earn money, or move people, or do you just simply want to impress people. Regardless of what’s motivating you, make sure to pick one

Now, building a film company, no matter how small your resources, means you’ll be running a business. Thus, you’ll be establishing a legal entity. Get some legal help, and make certain to talk to an accountant. Taking advantage of tax cuts is important, especially since you’re just starting out in the film making industry.

Here’s how ridiculously easy it is to start building a film company based in the UK:

  • Pick a company name, making sure nobody is already using it. Performing a quick IMDB or Google search should do the trick
  • With assistance from your legal resources go to Companies House to get your company registered.
  • Register for local taxes.
  • Get set up with a bank account and your company website.
  • All your company’s social media accounts must be registered. These profiles must be under your new company’s name. Build up your online presence by getting likes and followers.
  • Set up your YouTube channel with good content to build up following.

Develop a sound business plan to ensure success

Know what you want and find out how you’ll get there. Get a team and draw up your budget and schedule. Get investors who will plunk down the cash to get  your movie made. A good business plan would also tell how you will get a good return for your investor’s money.

Gather your filmmaking team

A production company always have 4 essential personnel. Initially you’ll be wearing many hats (if not all). Once your company grows you’ll need to hire more hands to catch up with all the work.

One of them is your development head, the one who finds and analyzes the script. The guy who makes sure the project is on schedule and within budget.The post-production head manages the technicalities of the editing process. You also need someone in charge of crowd-funding projects and self-distribution aside from the traditional sales routes.


Never think of starting a filmmaking career if you don’t have a solid distribution strategy. Advancements in digital technology have flooded the industry with 2-bit productions clogging traditional distribution routes. It’s not that hard to develop a solid distribution strategy. With the right skills and hard work you’ll definitely come up with a strategy of your own.

When you start requiring professional filming camera equipment, we know you’ve come a long way to building a film company of your own. Aimimage carries a wide choice of ARRI, RED, Sony, Panasonic cameras and camera lenses, all at reasonable rates.

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