Call the Midwife — Shot on Aimimage Arri Cameras

Call the Midwife — Shot on Aimimage Arri Cameras

We’d tell you to watch Call the Midwife, but you’re already doing that; instead, we’re going to tell you something you don’t know — your favorite show of 2014 is shot on Arri cameras provided by Aimimage.


What’s that?  You mean to tell us you aren’t watching Call the Midwife?

Well, you’re the only one.  At least according to the BBC News:  “The return of BBC One’s Call the Midwife has attracted the biggest TV audience of the year so far with 9.6 million viewers, according to overnight figures.  It beat the overnight audience for the return of Sherlock, which attracted 9.2 million people on New Year’s Day.”




Which is saying a lot, because Sherlock has never wanted for admirers.  (Note: Sherlock is yet another stellar show that’s used Aimimage for its camera hire needs.)

With a variety of Aimimage’s Arri cameras in play on arguably the biggest show of the year–now in its triumphant third season–is it any wonder we’re bragging?  And can you even call it bragging when one is merely stating fact?  We like to think of it, instead, as informing.  Aimimage has plenty of Arri cameras for hire.  More than enough to dish them out to Call the Midwife as needed and make sure you’ve got what your heart desires on that soon-to-be BAFTA nominated short of yours.  Or perhaps you’d rather shoot an Oscar nominated feature film?  Yeah, we get that a lot.  Ever since we took care of Gladiator’s camera rental needs back in 2000.  (Okay, now we are bragging.  Beg your pardon.)


Gladiator cameras supplied by Aimimage


Speaking of Oscar, Arri cameras are all over Oscar:


Arri cameras, best picture Oscars noms(But there’s a good reason for the focus on Arri camera hire, worth the quick read over on Gizmodo.)


And we spoke to soon; we’ve got one more brag to close out the week.  Because, when googling ourselves (we know),  we just stumbled across this little nugget, which we now feel we must share:  “Aimimage Productions draws on a facilities infrastructure from its parent company Aimimage Camera Company, which also incorporates Ice Film and The Camden Studio. Aimimage has provided cameras for some of the most iconic films in cinema including: Trainspotting, Gladiator, This is England, and Hurt Locker.”


Again, bragging or statement of fact?  You be the judge.  (Don’t judge too hard.)


Returning from the rabbit hole that is the internet, we’d like to mention just how very proud we are of Call the Midwife.   Seriously.  Those numbers don’t lie.   It’s an incredible feet for the midwives.


Arri cameras, you’ve done it again.

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