Camera Dolly Rental London

The term dolly refers to a wheeled cart that usually moves on tracks. In a dolly shot the camera will be moving toward, away from, or alongside the subject, whether this is an actor, location, products or setting. As the camera is mounted on the dolly the movement is smooth and controlled, almost as if the camera is floating.

Rent Camera Dollys from Aimimage

At Aimimage we offer camera dolly rental in London. We have been serving the film and television industry for a number of years, supplying camera products to producers such as National Geographic, ITV and Disney. However, we are just as happy offering camera dolly rentals in London to beginners who are just getting started in the filming world. 

Camera dolly rental has many benefits over buying. All our products are fully cleaned and serviced before they are rented out, so you can be sure you are getting a top-quality product. Also, camera dolly rental means you don’t have to think about storing the dolly, or selling it on, once you are finished with it, you can simply return it to us. Lastly, camera dolly rental in London is the best option if you only need the dolly for a specific scene or shot, as means you don’t need to fork out buying the dolly for a short, five-minute shot!

Get in Touch For Advice

If you are thinking about a camera dolly rental in London, but don’t quite know where to start, we are happy to answer any questions and offer you guidance. We also stock many products that aren’t necessarily on the site, so if there is something specific you are looking for get in touch.