Camera Equipment Hire in London — Aimimage has you covered

Camera Equipment Hire in London — Aimimage has you covered

What — you’re not surprised to hear that, as far as camera equipment hire in London is concerned, Aimimage has got your back?

Well, tis the season for gentle reminders!  (See: a list of a few of our favorite things at the bottom.)  And, look, we know it’s not exactly news to you, our regular readers.  Of course it’s not.  But this post isn’t for you.  (Please, forgive us.)  This post is for anyone out there searching and failing to find comprehensive, flexible camera equipment hire in London.  This post is for anyone lost in a sea of choices — but lacking the ideal one.  We know it’s cold out there.  And this post is just to say: Hello.  We’re here for you.  Give us shout and, furthermore, happy holidays.

Aimimage’s aim is to make the filmmaker’s life easier, be it pre- post- or during production.  Because it’s hard out there for a filmmaker–now, more than ever–and that goes for those just dipping their toes into cinema’s waters, as well as the old pros.  We all need assistance.  We all need someone we can trust.  Let Aimimage be your London someone, your go-to.  Camera equipment hire in London ought to be a simple decision.  But of course you need to know us to love us.

Not in need of film equipment hire in London or its environs?  Considering setting up camp in Machester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol?  Look, we’ve been there before.  We have literally been there.  And we’ve still got you covered.  So fret no more.  Give us a ring.  And give yourself the gift of the best film equipment hire in London.  After which you’ll be at liberty to focus on the season’s still more pressing issues, those related to eggnog, overeating, Christmas crackers, and brown paper packages tied up with string. 

In case you’re wondering, here are a few of our favorite things: Red Epic rentals, Panasonic cameras, the ARRI Alexa Plus, the Alexa XT M, Zeiss lenses, Cooke Lenses, Angenieux Lens, RED Epic cameras, Canon Cameras, the Sony F65, and the Sony F3.


camera equipment hire in london, ARRI Alexa
One such favorite thing. The ARRI Alexa Plus.


Your source for all camera equipment hire in London, wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas.

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