Camera for Hire

Camera for Hire

The next time you need additional equipment, consider getting a camera for hire. Photography equipment rent has become more and more popular in recent years, and all for good reasons.

camera for hire
The Canon 5D Mark III: One our frequently rented camera kits

Photography has increased its popularity as a hobby over the last ten years. People, whether they actually have a DSLR or are simply using their iPhone camera, like to post their “work” on social media and show it off to anyone who cares to look. In fact, photoblogging is a term coined for this activity. But let’s admit it, getting a nice, high quality camera (along with its lenses and other accessories), can set you back by hundreds to a few thousand pounds.

Camera for hire
Canon’s EOS C300


The camera has gone a long way since Aristotle first mentioned the idea of tracing inverted images using a pinhole to create photos, and today you need a lot more than a pinhole and a dark room to make photos.

Camera for hire has become a popular way to have access to state of the art, professional cameras without having to shell out the money to buy them. It is a great option for both professional photographers and hobbyists alike.

Getting a camera for hire lets you:

  • try out new camera models or brands without the risk of spending all your money on making the purchase and then ending up not liking it
  • get additional gear during special events, or in case your camera is under repair
  • get the best and most appropriate type of camera and lenses for the occasion
  • use the equipment without worrying about its maintenance

There are lots of places that you can get camera for hire – Aimimage would be happy to help you choose the one that will best fit your requirements.

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