Camera Hire for Independent Films — Honeytrap

Camera Hire for Independent Films — Honeytrap

AimImage — Providing Camera Hire for Independent Films


While AimImage has been know to provide film equipment for some slick productions (see: Sherlock), it is acting as camera hire for independent films like Rebecca Johnson’s Honeytrap that is our raison d’etre. Why? For a million reasons, first and foremost that we like to be The Solution. We take great pride in helping to make these films happen. In a world full of blockbusters, we’re always rooting for the little guys. Because it’s the little guys that take the risks, that make art while telling a compelling story, and that change what we think film can or should be about while they’re doing it.  Independent films like Honeytrap open doors.


Door #1: Independent films give promising talent a shot.  Case in point: Honeytrap is award-winning director Rebecca Johnson‘s debut feature (previously of shorts Top Girl, Electric, That Sinking Feeling).


Door #2:  Independent films tell stories that could not possibly be told in blockbuster form.  Inspired by true events, Honeytrap tells the story of a 15-year-old girl, Layla, who sets up a loverlorn boy by leading him into a brutal gangland killing.  It’s a tough subject.  And one told from a girl’s perspective (Layla is played by Skins actress Jessica Sula).  Thus, the studio bigwigs  will need to see it to believe it.  Hence why they’re making it first, then selling it.  And making camera hire for independent films so easy is how we help guarantee it gets seen.  (It has been pre-sold to Anchor Bay for the UK, Australia and New Zealand, by the way.)


Door #3: The social value of the work, for which Rebecca is well known. Honeytrap is providing disadvantaged London youth with first-hand experience behind and in front of the camera. We’re talking 30 apprenticeships to young people from the Brixton area—the people who have been and continue to be worst affected by the issues explored in the film.


Door #4: This film helps set a very cool, very modern precedence in that a large chunk of the financing is provided through a crowdfunding platform, while the rest will come from more traditional financing. It’s a film the people (as well as some monied financiers) already care deeply about–the best of both worlds.


BBC World News Honeytrap from Fierce Productions on Vimeo.

Note: Filming has already begun. A release date is planned for 2014.


Artistic value.  Social value.  Entertainment value.

Yup, this is why AimImage absolutely loves finding a way to make camera hire for independent films work.

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