Camera Hire in London — Cameras, Cameras Everywhere

Camera Hire in London — Cameras, Cameras Everywhere

Camera Hire in London — An Overabundance of Options


Finding your ideal source of camera hire in London, or any city a vast as London, cannot hinge on variety.  Sure, We’ve got your ARRI Alexa and RED Epic and Go-Pro, your Panasonic cameras and Canon cameras.  So do others.  This alone is not special.  What is special, at Aimimage, is how we respond to your needs.  How we anticipate your needs.  How we continue to adapt to your needs.


Camera Hire in London


Of course, we’ve got your film and digital camera hire needs covered in the most superficial of ways–in that we supply both.  We embrace both mediums.  There is no “versus” over here.  And why would there be?  Film versus digital is a hot-button topic, sure, but film and digital–that’s opportunity via choice.  That’s being able to make your short with a dirt cheap budget, being able to make your black and white positively crispy using a RED Epic camera, or keeping it 70s-style classic with film.  That debate needs to be shut down.  And it sounds like the new generation–or at least the cinematographers at this year’s Sundance–agrees with Aimimage’s stance.

Cameras, cameras everywhere.  And all at your fingertips.  But Aimimage is more than just camera hire in London.  Should you work with Aimimage, though, there is so much we want to take on for you–from grip and lighting gear hire, to PL/EF/B4 mounted lenses for rent, to crew hire, we can fully support any production.  We are a major supplier of film systems and services and, together with our soundproofed studio, we’ve got you covered during every stage of production.

Like we said, this is film equipment hire at its most comprehensive.  You’ll have options anywhere.  There’s an over-abundance of camera hire in London, in fact.   Over-abundance?  And here we were just talking about the freedom of options and variety?  But we’ll be the first to admit it:  you can get lost in the options.  If you’re looking for personalized, flexible camera hire in London–to say nothing of general film equipment hire–you’ve come to the right place.  Working closely with customers, listening to their production requirements–that’s what makes Aimimage special.


Camera Hire in London, Aimimage


See?  Camera hire in London is about more than variety — it’s about detailed individualized treatment, from quote to kit development.

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