Camera Lens Hire in London — The Remix

Camera Lens Hire in London — The Remix

This post on camera lens hire in London is a remix because, well, we’ve said it all before, we just haven’t said it loud enough.


And we know we haven’t spoken loudly enough about camera lens hire because you fine filmmaking folks want to discuss camera hire first, lens hire second.   “That makes sense,” you say.  “There’s no lens to hire if there is no camera rental first.”  We don’t not get it.  In fact, we agree–to a point.  What we hope to encourage in this post, then, is camera lens hire coming up in the same breath as camera rental.  As it must for you, gather as much knowledge of camera lenses for hire as possible in order to make camera rental and camera lens rental an easy process.


“You mean it doesn’t,” our most savvy camera rental film folk ask.  No, not always.  And that’s what we’re shooting for here: emphasis.  Because you need the camera to even begin to tell the story, but the camera lenses are what allow the audience to see the story.  Literally, of course, and figuratively.  That’s why there’s so much personal agony expressed over the digital versus film debate–the way the story is seen changes the story.


This is why our friends behind the impossibly brilliant A Field in England shot with our Red Epic X and Canon C300 cameras–both in equal measure, depending on the effect they wanted--but made there own lenses with glue and children’s toys (warning: do not try this at home).  Why not shoot on a digital Alexa, but with old Panavision lenses like Nebraska’s Phadon Papamichel?  The options are endless.


Camera lens rental in London


The camera hire is the first step, an important step, but finding the right camera lens and camera lens hire in London is equally so.  Because the right lens can take a good camera and make it great.  Because the right lens can take a great camera and give it personality.  You want to give the story your telling an unique, almost subliminal voice of its own?  Shake up the lenses.


Camera lens hire in London


Aimimage has got your 35 mm zoom, of course, but we’ve also got your super 16 lenses, your fisheye and wide angle and telephoto and HD zoom.  Zeiss makes them, Canon makes them, Cooke does a stellar job, too.  Abakus, Century, Arri.  (We’ve resorted to listing, there are so many options.)


Camera lens hire in London is no second place concern to camera hire in London; thankfully, you can take care of both at Aimimage.

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