Camera Rental in Central London

Camera Rental in Central London

Aimimage — Central London’s source for professional camera rental.

It doesn’t get more central than Trafalgar Square:

Camera rental in Central London, 24
On location recently for 24: Live Another Day


Although we’d argue Aimimage’s location in Camden is equally central.

As you well know, the crew at Aimimage has been on pins and needles awaiting Jack Bauer’s midnight return to the telly next Tuesday, May 6. (Note: The show actually airs at 1 am premiere day, but best to have your 24: Live Another Day premiere party all settled and ready by midnight.)

As you well know, Aimimage was delighted to supply Jack’s team with their Central London camera rental throughout the show’s (ongoing) shoot.

As you well know, because we’ve talked about little else for the past month, we couldn’t be more pumped to view the finished product beginning next week.

2014 has been very good to Aimimage, with 24 and Call the Midwife receiving all kinds of wonderful attention, and the rest of 2014 looks just as promising, though we must remain mum for now on what’s to come. (If you follow us on Twitter, you already have an idea, as our anticipation is often best expressed in retweets and hashtag. #JetTrash.)  2014 will be a big year for Aimimage, and for that we thank you.

There is no shortage of demand for comprehensive, professional camera rental in Central London. You’ve got loads of camera rental options in central London and, still, you come to us. We suspect it’s because, once you’ve made the decision to rent an Arri ALEXA or RED Epic (or, for that matter, PL/EF/B4 mounted lenses or any lens control systems), you might as well rent film equipment from a team of experts who’ll listen to you and your film’s needs and respond without hesitation. It hasn’t escaped our attention that, in choosing Aimimage as your source for professional camera hire, you are giving us your vote of confidence as filmmakers. And for that we must thank you. For that we offer you this promise: just as Jack Bauer will not abandon you (or the president) in your time of need, neither will Aimimage.


Thank you for making us your source for camera rental in central London.

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