Canon 350D


The Canon 350D is a small and lightweight camera designed for amateru DSLR owners. Despite its size it delivers the responsiveness and quality you would expect from a semi pro model, making it a great introduction camera for beginners. It is a great leap forward from its predecessor, the EOS 300D, boasting an 8 megapixel sensor and Canon’s Digic II engine.

About the Canon 350D

The Canon 350D is light and compact, being that it is an all-plastic model, it’s about as small as you can get in a digital SLR, weighing in at 490 grams. It will appeal to small handed and nimble handlers, but may appear a hindrance to those who prefer a solid grip and more balanced body.

The good: the image quality is much better than you’d expect, it comes in at a competitive price, it starts up fast and is very responsive.

Room for improvement: the Canon 350D’s plastic body could be more ergonomically pleasing. It doesn’t have a spot metre and it only offers limited continuous shooting mode.

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