The Canon EOS 7D Hire kit Available at Aimimage

The Canon EOS 7D Hire kit Available at Aimimage

The Canon EOS 7D hire kit is designed for speed, with dual DIGIC 4 chips for faster processing and to keep up with the shutter’s 8-frame-per-second top speed. Even the sensor had to be tweaked to enable such speed, with an 8-channel readout to more quickly draw the image off the sensor.

Impressive Sensor and Viewfinder of the Canon EOS 7D hire kit

The Canon EOS 7D hire kit combines high performance, versatility and cinematic-style HD movies.

The camera is built around a new 18MP sensor and you will be amazed with its new viewfinder. 1.0X magnification and 100% coverage offers a noticeable improvement over the 0.95X, 95% finder in the EOS 50D and puts the camera on the same footing as the D300S.

But that’s not everything. The 7D isn’t just a 50D with a new sensor, viewfinder and revised body – other headline changes include a new AF system with a dedicated processor, dual Digic 4 processors and a new shutter mechanism to allow 8fps continuous shooting. It also has the ability to control groups of external flashguns using its built-in flash.

Canon EOS 7D Hire kit

The updates extend beyond these big-feature changes to include a variety of twists, improvements and additions. Make no mistake, Canon definitely wants to be the default choice again.

From still images to video, the EOS 7D represents an ‘innovative’ class of camera that’s perfect for serious photographers and semi-professionals.

Other new features include an electronic level, a RAW button, and a new Multi-function button for quick, programmable access to various functions. And don’t forget the new 19-point autofocus system, complete with a new LCD viewfinder display overlay obviating the need for interchangeable screens.

Film: Made in Cleveland

2013 anthology film ‘Made in Cleveland’ was shot using the EOS 7D. The film was written, directed, produced and stars a cast and crew consisting predominantly of current or former Clevelanders, including Shaker Heights native Jamie Babbit and Cleveland natives Eric Swinderman and Robert C. Banks, Jr.

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‘Made in Cleveland’ started as a simple idea. The short films all relate in some way to the subject of life, love and the pursuit of happiness in Cleveland.

Planning to rent camera equipment in the UK? We got you covered. To book the Canon EOS 7D for your next production or to talk through its features, please feel free to call us at 0207 391 2670. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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