Canon Sumire Prime Lens Series: Personalise Your Craft

Canon Sumire Prime Lens Series: Personalise Your Craft

The Canon Sumire Prime Lens Series is your answer to outstanding cinematic visuals and an interchangeable PL mount. 

These lenses have been used by renowned cinematographers such as Hans Von Sonntag, Tania Freimuth and Freek Zonderland in three short films. Therefore, their potential to capture breathtaking bokeh and gorgeous low light performance is unquestionable.

 Here is what the Sumire Prime lenses have to offer professionals in cinematography.

Features Of The Canon Sumire Prime Lens Series

Canon Sumire Prime Lenses are characterised by their ability to provide quick apertures and precise manual control as well as a crafted focus bokeh that enables detailed expression.

They are specialised for achieving a “cinematic look” that consists of a unique optical design, wide aperture settings and customisable textural renderings to portray beautiful bokeh with stunning picturesqueness. 

Its interchangeable PL mount makes it a versatile option for all cinematographers. These Canon lenses contain a range of compatibility options for PL mount 35mm Full Frame and Super 35mm cameras. Not to mention, being changeable to an EF mount at accredited service facilities.

If you want to change lenses without impacting colour balance, Sumire Primes make this an easy process by possessing a warm colour tone that can be found in the Canon cinema lens range.

Furthermore, Canon Sumire Primes have a big lens diameter and an 11-blade iris. Both features ensure a fast T-number when filming and phenomenal levels of bokeh. Besides offering a significant decrease in focus breathing which is a testament to the lenses complex design.

The Prime lens series also offers incredible filters for a variety of shots. Delicate focus adjustments can be altered over a 300-degree rotation angle. Plus, all lenses are capable of using 105mm screw-on filters and consist of a 114mm diameter lens front. This in addition to invariably positioned gears that make using the lenses effortless and comfortable.

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