Catching up with Robert Sheehan’s Jet Trash

Catching up with Robert Sheehan’s Jet Trash


The highly-anticipated backpacker thriller Jet Trash is in post-production and a release should already be in the horizon.

Jet Trash lead star Robert Sheehan, known for  his role in the superhero TV series Misfits which aired in 2009, is currently starring in an historical play by  Shakespeare alongside  Rufus Hound and Joely Richardson. Sir Trevor Nunn directs the play which runs at the Rose Theatre in Kingston. In an interview with Hunger TV, Rob expressed how “exhilarating and terrifying” the whole process was.

The interview went on at length about Jet Trash, how it is coming along, and how he felt about the project. Without diving into too much details, he explains how theatre can provide him  a more “immediate gratification”  compared against film’s “fractured process”. Despite the fact that filming takes more time, Rob points out that it can be a source of  “a multi-faceted and long term reward.”

Rob is heavily involved with Jet Trash. He is also producer for the film, and that entailed getting his hands dirty with location scouting, script development, and “a lot of sitting down and trying to agree with the powers that be.”

He recounts several occasions when he felt they were advancing with the script but not with the editing department. The process may be is taking  a bit of time, but Rob stresses the fact that he is perfectionist, that if something is off, he’d choose to “make it better rather than skating over it just to honour a deadline.”

With no firm release date yet at the moment, and if the words of Rob are anything to go by, expect Jet Trash to be nothing short of perfection when it finally comes out. In the meantime enjoy this promo shoot for the movie.

Aimimage is proud to have co-produced Jet Trash.

Jet Trash is set in Goa, India and is directed by Charles Henri Belleville and written by Dan M. Brown.



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