Charlotte Church and Rhys Ifans to star in Under Milk Wood

Charlotte Church and Rhys Ifans to star in Under Milk Wood

Charlotte has swapped a stage at Glastonbury for a film set in Wales as her and Ifans star in a new Dylan Thomas adaptation. The Welsh cast will take on the film version of the famous 1954 radio play. Church is to appear as Polly Garter, who is pining for her deceased lover. The project is being filmed over six weeks in Solva, Pembrokeshire, with villagers to appear as extras.

Rhys Ifans will take on the role as narrator which fellow Welshman Richard Burton played in both the radio version and the 1972 film version.

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Kevin Allen (the uncle of singer Lilly Allen) is directing the film adaptation. He said , ‘We want to veer away from delivering a dull, literal reflection of Thomas’s original work, intending instead to explore some of the more erotic, visceral elements of the richly funny, filthily fluid, magical dreamscape – whilst not stooping to mess with Thomas’s original text.

Former Welsh Rugby captain Gareth Thomas will also be joining the star studded cast. Thomas is no stranger to acting after performing in a music video by Tracey Ulman 1984. Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock will also be taking on a guest role.

This is Gareth Thomas’s second foray into acting, the first being a cameo in Tracey Ullman’s 1984 music video for My Guy.

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Referring to the latest interpretation of Thomas’s 1954 drama, director Kevin – whose previous credits include Swansea based Twin Town and ITV sitcom Benidorm – admitted it will be edgier than the original play.

The production, given the Welsh title Dan Y Wenallt, comes as BBC Wales make a separate drama based on the play in conjunction with Thomas’s centenary.

A Glimpse at Kevin Allen’s Twin Town and Y Sarcas

Kevin Allen’s Welsh cult comedy thriller Twin Town (1997) and his recently produced films Y Syrcas (2013) were produced in association with Aimimage.

A unique film for all the family. Set in 1848, Y Syrcas tells the story of a young girl who is bewitched by the excitement of the travelling circus as it visits her small town in west Wales. Twin Town is a drug-fueled, nihilistic, free-for-all ride through the streets and alleys of modern-day Swansea, South Wales.

“Each of my films are different. At one time, people tried to persuade me to do another Twin Town, but I wasn’t interested. Making a family film sets its own challenge. You have to appeal to a wide age range, from 5 to 85, so the whole family can enjoy it together” says Kevin.

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