Choosing The Right Cinema Camera With Aimimage

Choosing The Right Cinema Camera With Aimimage

Choosing the right cinema camera is not enough.

It takes more than just a just the right cinema camera for a budding cinematographer to become the next cinematic mastermind – there just isn’t a silver bullet.

Fun fact: you may be using the latest camera from ARRI or RED, but if you lack the right skills, you’ll find yourself shooting more corporate videos and weddings to be able to pay off that expensive camera. You may have a lightsaber in your mitts, but you’re no Jedi.

The good news is you don’t need the Force to make your cinematic mark, and yes we checked George Lucas, he’s no more a Jedi than Donald Trump is the next US president.

The way we see it here at Aimimage, building up your creativity, knowledge, experience, technique, and industry connections are all critical to your envisioned success. And of course keeping tabs on technology is just as important. All these working in perfect unison can give you the potential to edge out your competition.

As mentioned earlier that the right cinema camera does not spell success, but it is still the tool in which you build. Choose the right cinema camera manufacturer  that is on a forward thinking and strategic path. Doing so can definitely set you on the right direction when taking your expertise and creativity to a whole new level regardless of you decide to shoot.

Instead of giving you a run down of specific camera models, we thought it best to make a list of what a camera manufacturer should have in store for its users. After all, it’s the users who should define the success of a camera, not the other way around.


Post production processes are hampered by inefficient workflows. Consider camera manufacturers who also consider this and take tangible steps to improve it.

Form over function

It is vital that camera technology to evolve, but be wary of manufacturers who resort to gimmickry to stay ahead. Innovation should be spurred by good reasons and projected insights.

Leaders of the pack

Get an overhead perspective of the industry by looking to the industry leaders, which are ARRI and RED of course with 35mm film still hanging in there. Find out what keeps them at the top.

RAW or nothing

While it is true that shooting in RAW format is for not fit for every project, it is important that this capability is already built-in, not having to get an extra kit to be RAW capable.

All in the family

Why come out with an expansive line-up that continually updates closer to what it’s more expensive brothers can do? Why plunk down the cash on the Sony F55 rather than the F5, or why get the F5 rather than the FS7. Why?

You and the right cinema camera must be able to work well together.

Comfort and ease of use is as important. Know your needs, a big camera may not be in order if you’re shooting alone, and when situations change, a highly adaptable camera will certainly go a long way.

Picking out the right cinema camera can be easier,  and more cost effective if you rent it first, can’t it? Aimimage carry top-shelf cinema camera brands you can give a go before finally deciding on buying one. We offer  professional camera equipment rental in London at very reasonable rates.

Contact us today and we’ll help you pick out the right cinema camera for you.

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