Choosing Your GoPro

Choosing Your GoPro

Choosing your GoPro may not be as easy as pie, especially because the company is continually expanding its lineup of action cameras. Especially if its your first time to buy a GoPro, you may be facing the confusing task of choosing which model is the right one for your needs.

Here are some tips to make choosing your GoPro easier and more efficient.

    • Consider your budget. Your budget is always the most important factor when purchasing a camera, including GoPro. GoPro cameras can be classified based on their prices and features as entry level, mid range and high range. Another factor that can affect your choice here is whether you are willing to settle for an older model. Prices for electronics typically drop as new versions are released, although this means the older model will not have the updated features.

  • Determine the features that you need on your GoPro based on your activities. Are you planning to use them to shoot a short film, or simply for everyday video shooting? Do you do extreme sports, like surfing or motorbiking? If you’re only looking to use your GoPro for simple, daily activities, then you don’t need to get the more expensive Black Edition. While this model has great quality, getting the Silver or White GoPro will be perfectly fine for simple activities.
  • Identify the external environments that you are likely to use your GoPros in. GoPro cameras come with different accessories, depending on the model. Black Editions come with mounts and WiFi accessories, and the HERO4 models come with a few mounts and the WiFi is built in, while the Silver has a built in LCD.

If you’re still stumped at choosing your GoPro, you can hire one from us so you can test it first.

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