The CMOTION COMPACT LCS Hire KIT from Aimimage

The CMOTION COMPACT LCS Hire KIT from Aimimage

The ever-dependable CMotion Compact LCS hire Kit

The CMotion Compact LCS hire kit from Aimimage brings affordable quality, reliability, and functionality with its compact Lens Control System. It comes in 3 packages ready to use right out of the box and guarantees spot on control for up to 3 motors in both hardwired and wireless configurations through its easy to use and ergonomic hand unit.

Its one-of-a-kind cforce motor delivers unparalleled performance via its unrivaled and smart daisy-chain technology. The compact LCS offers a great selection of optional run/stop controls and power supply cables for today’s widely recognized cameras.


The hand unit is made of robust, quality materials and comes in ergonomic configurations that fits and operates comfortably into either a left or right handed individual.

The compact LCS also sets itself apart with its built in, no-glare 2.3” colour screen that can display menu options and other data even with the sun beating down on the screen.

Buttons are thoughtfully laid out to make for a user-friendly experience when navigating through the menu settings.

CMotion Compact LCS Hire

The daisy-chain technology utilizes its special twin connectors that run virtually noise-free (less than 20 dB) and equally fast compared to high-end motors in the market.

The cforce motors were developed in collaboration with ARRI, and as such, the motors were designed to be versatile and flexible with a good amount of mounting options.

Motor calibration with the compact LCS is not without flexibility as well. Auto calibrate with either one or all connected motors, or do it manually with great ease with lenses that do not use mechanical end stops. Whichever way you go, you can shoot in seconds with the compact LCS.

Our CMotion compact LCS hire kit features Run/Stop wireless control support for top brand cameras such as ARRI, Sony, Canon, Blackmagic, and Red, a standard for all cmotion systems.

Need to hire the CMotion Compact LCS?

You can get the Cmotion Compact LCS hire kit  and our other professional camera equipment at very reasonable rates by contacting us at 020 7391 2650.

Aimimage offers a wide range of UK camera equipment hire services – from lighting equipment, broadcast equipment hire kits, photography studio equipment, and even second hand cameras.  If for any reason we don’t have it, we will find one for you.


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