Canon Cine Servo Zooms are the epitome of high-quality lenses. They derive from several years of cinema lens design which started back in 1969. Whether it’s Cine Prime or Cine Zoom you are certain to get the phenomenal image aesthetics that you are after.

What Do CN Canon Cine Servo Zooms Offer? 

The most recent Canon cine lenses offer a combination of reliable visuals, sustainability, and beautiful optics. It doesn’t matter if you’re recording wildlife in the landscapes of Africa or a popular Netflix show in a studio, Cine Zooms, and Cine Primes are equally as effective.

Another benefit of the Canon cine lens system is the consistency with colour balance. The Cine Prime, Cine Zoom, and Cine Servo Zoom maintain colour quality for the best possible shot.

Cine Zooms 

There are two main types of lenses that are used with Canon’s Cine zoom range: Top End Cine Zooms and Compact Zine Zooms. High-end film productions often use these lenses with EF and PL mount Super 35mm cameras to achieve 4k resolution.

CN Canon Cine Servo Zooms

Cine Primes

Canon Cine Primes are a lighter alternative that covers the same focal length and are ideal for high-end productions. It suits creative professionals who can make the most out of focal length ranges from 14mm to 135mm. Similar to Cine Zooms, colour reproduction stays consistent regardless of focal length.

Onwards, these lenses are compatible with the Dual Pixel Focus guide to enable manual focus assist. Therefore, cameras with Electronic Image Stabilization can adjust to the focal length, and stabilisation can be set up accordingly.

Cine Servo

The Canon Cine Servo lenses are a fantastic option for when servo control is needed. Aside from displaying 4k optical quality, it has broadcast-friendly features that suit handheld applications.

Both are obtainable in EF and PL mount and the lenses are built to work alongside Super 35mm sensors.

If you take the servo drive units away from the lenses, it allows you to use them as a classic cine zoom. Then you have the option to connect an external focus to enable multi-use lenses. This is brilliant for recording documentaries where you gain access to shoulder-mounted shooting as well as prestigious cinema quality.

Compact Cine Servo

Compact Cine Servo’s are the lighter, more portable alternative to the bigger Cine Servo lenses. This version is made for cameras with 4k Super 35mm and servo control. As their name suggests, being compact allows them to be maneuverable when shooting scenes at a rapid pace.

CN7, CN10 and CN20 lenses

Some examples of high-quality lenses include CN7, CN10 and CN20. 

The CN7 consists of a servo drive unit and is phenomenal for shooting scenes where mobility is required. It is highly versatile with a focal length ranging between 17mm-120mm. Plus, it has a rugged build quality that is able to sustain tough weather conditions.

CN10 is a Cino servo lens that specialises in capturing stunning 4k optics from longer ranges. A key characteristic is its ability to capture sharp images from centre to outer edges. Not to mention, producing warm colour tones that vastly enhance aesthetics.

Finally, the CN20 lenses are ideal for sports events and wildlife recordings. As an ultra-telephoto lens it achieves outstanding shots in 4k quality. In addition, it is portable and strong which is perfect for shoots that require more innovation and flexibility.