Corona Virus Dos and Don’ts for Photographers and Filmmakers

Corona Virus Dos and Don’ts for Photographers and Filmmakers

The Coronavirus pandemic has proved difficult for anyone in the creative or arts industries, with photography and film making being no exception to that. The government have placed certain restrictions on work, which you should make sure you are aware of. On top of that there are a few dos and don’ts to keep yourself, and anyone you are working with safe.

Do: Maintain Social Distancing

If possible, stay at home and if you cannot stay at home you should try to keep a distance between yourself and others. You may want to work at home wherever possible, conduct meetings virtually or even cancel plans if you cannot keep them in place whilst maintaining social distancing.

Don’t: Go out in Public Spaces

Another important thing to remember is to avoid going out in public as much as possible. Some professional photographers, particularly photojournalists, are going out into the public and photographing to illustrate stories. However, if you are just heading out with your camera to take photos to share on social media or to promote yourself then you should consider whether it is really necessary.

Do: Clean Your Gear

We all know we should be cleaning our camera gear lenses often anyway, but it might be worth cleaning your kit even more often. If you do go out and shoot make sure you clean your camera, lenses and other kit as soon as you get home. You might want to also think about cleaning your smartphone as this can harbour lots of germs and bacteria.

Don’t: Share Equipment

It might be tempting, as photography is such a collaborative occupation and past time. However, we advise that you avoid sharing camera equipment, lenses or accessories, as this can lead to sharing germs. Studies have shown the virus can live a fairly long time on objects and surfaces so keep your kit to yourself.

Do: Wash Your Hands

More of a life tip, than specifically a photography tip, but washing your hands is one of the most effective ways to limit the spread of the virus. You should be washing your hands often, for at least 20 to 30 seconds.

Don’t: Ignore Your Clients

Many of your clients will be stressed and in uncertain situations. It’s not easy for anyone being in circumstances such as these, so it will be reassuring to provide your clients with a bit of clarity. Keep a dialogue open with your clients and work through the situation together.

Most Importantly

The constant updates and changes can be daunting so remember that things will improve, and that people are always around to help. Rules and guidance are constantly changing so the most important thing to do is stay up to date with whatever the recommendations are and try to adhere to them as best as possible.

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