‘Dancing on the Edge’ wins BAFTA Television Craft Sound – Fiction 2014

‘Dancing on the Edge’ wins BAFTA Television Craft Sound – Fiction 2014

Still hearing that brilliant jazz playing inside your head? Well you’re not alone. Dancing on the Edge is all about how the British aristocracy fell in love with the alluring edginess of jazz music along with its exploration and sensation of those who just experienced it. In this show, the music is the driving force.

The vivid lights, lush sets and extravagant costumes favoured by historical dramas, will give you an auditory and visual feast! No wonder they won the BAFTA for Television Craft Sound – Fiction! Congratulations to the ‘Dancing on Edge’ team! (Adrian Bell, Lee Crichlow, Robert Farr and Ian Wilkinson).

‘Dancing on the Edge’ wins BAFTA Television Craft Sound – Fiction 2014 Camera Equipment London

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