Dedicated Internet Connection Available at Our Sister Company, Camden Studio

Dedicated Internet Connection Available at Our Sister Company, Camden Studio

Looking for a studio space in London for your production needs? We got you covered. The Camden Studio is a cyclorama and green screen studio that is perfect for your project needs like multi-camera interviews, music videos, online presentations, TV commercials, music videos, web presentations and many more.

We have numerous options for your lighting and studio needs and our rates are affordable.

Cyclorama Studio

Ultra-Fast Dedicated Internet Connection

Everyone hates sluggish and unstable internet connection and your projects deserve nothing but the best. Several elements are necessary in order to carry-out seamless delivery of web broadcasting services. Internet connection speeds must be satisfactory to support the audio and video content streamed over them.

As a leader in the studio filming and production industry, we highly invest in uncontested internet connection. Unlike commercial home broadband connections, you will not experience recurring speed drop outs and fluctuations. With 7 Meg of upload speeds, you’ll never have to worry about any connection instabilities and flaws.

Great Film Studio Hire

A dedicated connection allows you to maintain a continuous, uninterrupted presence on the internet. It enables seamless access to your critical communications, with high-speed, full-time connections to empower your organization. It eliminates slow networks that greatly reduces productivity.

In addition, dedicated internet connections allow you to manage costs for service provisioning, bandwidth changes, and development. Another important issue is security – unlike a standard broadband service, a dedicated connection offers a more secure service since the connection is not shared and runs directly between your premises

Cyclorama Studio

The Camden Studio has been involved in the production of a range of different films. Our sound proof room has 12 Space lights & 12 cyclorama lights that are durably rigged through dimmers with a 42 channel programmable lighting desk. This lighting condition is perfect for use in a green screen studio. Look no further for a great Cyclorama Studio in the UK.

We work in partnership with the Camden Studio by providing additional camera equipment and crewing needs. No job is too small or big for us. We pride ourselves on a client-centred approach and we always stay ahead of the technological innovations so we can better serve our clients. For all your camera equipment rental, filming equipment hire, and photography studio equipment needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at 020 7391 2650.

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