Denali: A Heart warming Tale Shot with the RED Epic

Denali: A Heart warming Tale Shot with the RED Epic

Dog lover Ben Moon was diagnosed with third stage colorectal  cancer back in 2004. Keeping him company during those long hospital stays and trepid chemotherapy sessions was his dog, Denali.

He defeated his cancer and has spent most of the last ten years taking pictures on the road with Denali. However, in 2014 Denali also had to face his own ordeal fighting cancer. Unfortunately,  the 14-year old Denali, a pitbull/husky was unable to pull through his affliction.

Denali from
on Vimeo.

After everything they had experienced together, Moon wanted to celebrate the life of Denali in the best way possible. Along with Director Ben Knight and DP Skip Armstrong, Moon produced a short film as a fitting tribute to his long-time companion. The short film commemorates Moon and Denali’s life on the road, their friendship, and how man and dog helped each other get through life’s most trying moments.


In an interview with RED, DP Skip Armstrong expressed how special the project was for him. He was also elated with how the RED EPIC  performed in the cold winter weather and during underwater shots. Skip was totally impressed with the camera’s reliability and superb reproduction of the breath-taking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

The short film won two 5Point Film Festival awards when it debuted, including several accolades. The film has also gone viral since its release.

Shot in a span of six days with the ever-dependable EPIC Mysterium-X, an SPL Waterhousing, Canon L-series lenses, and a MOVI 10 to accommodate coastal and aerial shots.

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